Google Analytics – Setup & Tracking, Is Analytics really free?

It is true that your access to Analytics is free, and this statement is true to some extent because Google gives it to you at no cost. However, Analytics does not come without a cost. You need experts to help you set up and implement Google analytics on your site. In addition to that, analytics needs to be accurately interpreted to provide managers and business owners with the critical information they need to make data-based business decisions.

As time goes by the data you receive from analytics on the various aspects of your site, will often prompt more questions that need answering. You may want tgoogle-analytics trackinghat information immediately in order to make a critical decision, and having an analytics specialist available to provide you with the answers right away will come in handy. Without the expert advice, you will have to interpret the data yourself. The only problem with that is the path to those answers will often be slow and frustrating.

Setting up Analytics

Since the advent of online advertising and marketing we have been able to understand the “return on advertising spend” (ROAS), for all online business. This fact makes search engine marketing one of the most sought after forms of online advertising.

Updating Analytics over time

Configuring your analytics software to accurately produce data sets in a format that is useful to various aspects of the business is complex and involved. However, once you get it right, you can make solid business decisions based on correctly processed data.

As business objectives and goals change, maintaining the correct configuration of analytics on an ongoing basis is often a challenge. At Lined Media, our consultants are there with you every step of the way, ensuring you get the Advertising and Marketing Spend and return data you need from your analytics whenever you need it.

Analytics Benefits

There are several benefits to having analytics installed correctly on your site. The benefits are just as diverse as they are profound, so we have listed some of the benefits of a complete and correct analytics implementation below to give an idea of the extent and importance to an online business.

  1. Conversion tracking and optimisation
  2. Traffic levels and traffic Source Intelligence
  3. Search engine optimisation
  4. Keyword research and emerging trends
  5. Social media strategy
  6. Advertising channel attribution
  7. Improving User experience
  8. Error detection