Keyword selection is one of the most important aspects of a search engine optimisation strategy. To get it right, the keywords you are targeting must be attainable and realistic. Wanting to rank in the top 10 globally for a one word keyword phrase may not be attainable as a goal. However wanting to rank in Australian for a 2 or 3 word keyword phrase may be a realistic and achievable goal.

Ranking really well for keywords that drive no traffic to your site is also not beneficial, and neither is ranking well for keywords that fail to convert. To have a successful SEO strategy, it is critical to have a tiered keyword strategy that looks at, and proactively responds to new trends in user search behaviour.

Keyword Research Methodology

The tiered approach uses your home page to target the most competitive keyword phrase, high-level category pages to target slightly less competitive keyword phrases, and low tier pages, such as product pages, to target keywords that have low competition and are infrequently searched.
Keywords for Google
For product level pages, it is possible to construct a keyword creation process for each product, which is based on the product name, category and major attributes.

Once our keyword phrase is selected we go through a manual process of selecting the most appropriate page of your site to be mapped to each keyword phrase. Keywords are identified and mapped to the most appropriate page of the website, and then we commence our link building Methodology.